Thank you so much for the care and attention you have given our son. Right from the start, his lessons were individualized and geared towards his learning style. Because of this, he actually looked forward to going. It has been amazing to see the difference in his writing, and exciting to see the pride he now takes in it. If we are ever in need of tutoring again, we will certainly return to Home Schoolhouse, and we will gladly recommend you to anyone.

- AE

We have tried many standard tutoring programs, but this is the fist one that was custom designed to address her learning issue, and the only one that has worked. 

- PJP (parent of middle school student)

I haven't really known where to start to express my gratitude to you for what you mean in our lives. My eyes well with tears when I try to find the words to say what it means to see my daughter loving to read, and how it has transformed her life. Thank you, Suzanne.

- AG (parent of elementary student)

Thank you so much for the absolutely heroic efforts with my daughter! We appreciate so much your knowledge, experience, hard work and your kind heart! We just had parent teacher conferences and her reading was graded above her grade level!

- KB (parent of primary student)

Thank you so much for helping our daughter through a difficult transition. Now she is a few weeks into her freshman year in high school and things are going really well. We couldn't have done it without yoy. The resources were important. However, it was your support and encouragement that really made it possible. You helped both the student and the teacher (me) confidently get started down an unfamiliar path, hang in there through rough patches, and stay focused during moments of doubt. You were great! 
- CM (homeschool parent)