We Believe every child wants to succeed. We build a foundation of success by teaching the way they need to learn, and helping them heal their frustration around learning.

We Believe children know exactly where they are struggling and how they best learn. We Listen. Students help decide their own academic goals and approach.

We believe children’s needs constantly evolve. We accommodate those needs as they acquire new skills or are faced with new expectations at school.

Assessments and Tutoring in Corvallis

Dyslexia Screening

We use the Jordan Test to determine if your child has difficulty processing information. The Jordan assesses for visual dyslexia, auditory dyslexia, dysgraphia (trouble with writing), dyscalculia (trouble with mathematics), eye teaming and tracking, and Scotopic sensitivity. If learning is difficult for your child, this test may tell us why. 

Academic Assessment

This includes testing in reading, spelling, grammar, writing, phonemic awareness, and mathematics. From this test, we can create a list of goals around the missing skills.

The two tests work well together, the Jordan telling us how your child processes information, including where possible difficulties and strengths may lie, and the academic assessment telling us what your child needs to know.



One Child at a Time

 We  offer a level of attention that franchise tutoring centers cannot  achieve. We work with one child at a time so that each student receives  the teacher’s full attention. Each teacher works in a private room free  from the distractions of other teacher. 

Overcoming Dyslexia

 “Most  people with dyslexia need one-on-one help from a teacher specially  trained in using a multi-sensory, structured language approach.” (International Dyslexia Association Fact Sheet #962, 01/00).  Recent research has shown that dyslexia can be overcome with a  systematic program focusing on six areas of instruction. Our program is  based on these six areas, adapted to each student’s learning style, and  taught with intuition and compassion. Lessons are active and  multi-sensory so the skills can be fully integrated, and reinforced with  practice homework so the skills can become automatic.

Home School Teaching

Homeschool Teaching

  Our teachers help your children stay on track with homeschooling.  

  • review the previous assignments   
  • reteach concepts as needed   
  • teach the upcoming skills   
  • give new assignments   
  • administer state and informal tests   
  • encourage hobbies and P

Assessments and Goal Setting

We begin with an academic assessment to determine proficiency and needs in Language Arts and Math. With detailed information about your child’s academic needs, we can set goals for the year and choose appropriate textbooks and/or supplemental material. 

Educational Materials

  Choose textbooks for your child from our extensive curriculum library. You will find books in all subjects and grade levels through High School. We carry both Christian and secular publishers and many have the teacher edition as well.  

Lesson Plans

After each session, your child will have the lessons for the week organized in a binder with an assignment chart so they know what to accomplish each day in each subject. Students plan with the teachers so their work load and material is appropriate and effective. The students learn to take responsibility for their studies as they progress on their journey to becoming independent scholars.